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Do you worry everytime a plugin/app update is needed? The fear that your site will go down on every update is a thing of the past.

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The Astrocart Platform is built to jump through hoops set by Google. Your lightning quick website will reduce your CPC & increase conversions.

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Choose from our extensive range of beautiful, fast & responsive themes. Don't see anything you like? Let us build something custom, just for you.

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We are committed to ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with our platform. If you find that you are not fully satisfied with your website within the first three months of your subscription, we will gladly refund your platform fees in full.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep my own domain name?

We want you to be able to upgrade your website without minimal disruption from your day-to-day business, so you can keep your current domain name if you wish. Just divert your domain name to your new Astrocart IP address. If you don’t yet have a domain name, let us create you one that fits your business.

Can I upload my entire eCommerce catalogue?

The number of products you can include on your site depends on the package you have selected. Our launch phase allows for up to 500 products, while every other package allows you to have as many products as you like!

Do I pay you commission?

Astrocart has nothing to do with the money you make from selling your products. We do charge for our payment processing system, however.

Do I have to commit to a contract?

Yes, we offer monthly contracts to our clients which will work on a 30-day rolling basis.

Can I take payments on my website?

We offer all the major payment gateways, so you can select the one that you prefer. Once your website is set-up and your payment gateway is integrated, you will be able to take payments within 48 hours.

I need help!

Don’t panic! There is always someone available to answer your questions. You even get your own dedicated full-time account manager with the Astro plan.

Is my website optimised for mobile?

Yes, your customers can enjoy an unrivalled shopping experience with you no matter where they are if they have access to a mobile device.

Is it difficult to set up?

You do not need to be a web designer to create an Astrocart website. We offer a wide range of beautiful eCommerce themes that make getting started easy. Our Extended Operations plan will even provide you with custom aesthetics.

Will my growth be limited by my plan?

As your business grows, so does your website. You can move up through our packaged plans as your revenue builds. Take a look at our plans to see what revenue limits exist for each one.

Does it take a long time to set up?

Not at all! Choose your website theme, load your products and you can be selling within minutes!

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