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Do you worry everytime a plugin/app update is needed? The fear that your site will go down on every update is a thing of the past.

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The Astrocart Platform is built to jump through hoops set by Google. Your lightning quick website will reduce your CPC & increase conversions.

Our 3 Month Guarantee

We are committed to ensuring that our clients are completely satisfied with our platform. If you find that you are not fully satisfied with your website within the first three months of your subscription, we will gladly refund your platform fees in full.

Read what our customers have to say...

“The search functionality is ridiculous. I've seen companies charging just for this functionality alone. Excellent eCommerce platform. I can't recommend it anymore. The live chat support even answered my questions on a weekend... WOW!”

James Willburg

“Things I love about the Astrocart demo... Very easy to use. I imported all of my products from WooCommerce just byin my API code. The themes are flexible, but above all it's so fast!”

Navid Pradhan

“Astrocart turned around our Website quickly based on the brief we gave Rikky. He came back quickly to questions and resolved snags quickly.”

Matthew Earnshaw

“Best SaaS eCommerce platform I've seen apart from Shopify. I love that the front end is ridiculously quick, which seems impossible with Shopify. I didn't think I would ever re-platform again, but I think I might have to now!”

Ed Johnson

“I signed up to test Astrocart after coming across a thread on Reddit. I've used most other eCommerce platforms because of my line of work. I love what I've seen from Astrocart, and I would definitely recommend anyone who is thinking of re-platforming to at least have a demo.”

Gammy Zon

“I had taken part in the beta testing. As an eCommerce manager, I have to work with a variety of eCommerce platform backends from day to day. This is by far the cleanest & best thought out. With the ability to add custom extensions, I would say this platform will suit any type of online store, from a bedroom seller right up to an enterprise-level business.”

William Christopher

Exceeding Google Core Web Vitals.

Leveraging advanced optimization techniques, efficient coding, and a robust infrastructure, Astrocart delivers lightning-fast load times, smooth interactivity, and stable content rendering. By meeting and surpassing Google's performance benchmarks, Astrocart empowers your online store to rise above the competition, drive customer satisfaction, and maximize conversions. Experience the unparalleled performance of Astrocart and elevate your eCommerce success.

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