Take Care of Your CLV and ROI

Your customer's on-site experience is a key part of building trust and loyalty and, therefore, increasing your CLV (customer lifetime value). The more often your customers return to your online store, the higher your RpA (revenue per acquisition) and ROI (return on investment). Our high-performing platforms enhance the experience for every customer, every time.

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Create a Connection

From the moment a potential customer turns into an actual one, you’ll need to work on building a connection that ensures they become a regular visitor to your retail space. Use Astrocart’s automated systems to send post-purchase messages that display excellent customer service skills and encourage a second shop through special deals and educational content.

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Focus on Growth

The most cost-effective way to scale your business is through fostering relationships with existing customers over new ones. Our high-quality CRO (conversion rate optimisation) systems help to discover customer segments and create tailored messages to help build a connection based on loyalty, trust and repeat purchases.

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Put the Customer First

Creating a personalised shopping experience helps to make each customer feel special in a space where face-to-face contact is not possible. Send relevant messages to your customer, such as upsells, cross-sells and personalised recommendations, and enhance their online experience.

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Complete the Sale Process

Astrocart detects every abandoned basket so that you can easily implement win-back campaigns to help complete the sale. Reach these customers at the perfect moment so that you can find out what else they need to make their purchase.

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